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Recommendations for Action

Our primary recommendation is for the Rhode Island Department of Education to modify the Basic Education Program to include specific language that emphasizes how media literacy pedagogies support authentic learning across the curriculum, with special relevance in supporting English Language Arts and Social Studies education. To bring media literacy education into Rhode Island public schools, we recommend these actions:  



Increase the variety and quantity of professional development opportunities in media literacy for K-12 faculty and staff and increase funding for existing efforts


  1. Encourage schools  to make more efficient use of existing curriculum resources in media literacy education across the grade levels;


Create K-12 horizontal and vertical curriculum that utilizes one-to-one technologies and expanded and extended learning beyond the school day and school walls and incorporate meaningful, community service projects and topics students are curious about;


Take action to ensure that all administrators understand media literacy core concepts and their relation to current events, school climate and student well-being and safety.

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